Xtreme LED and FiberOptics
You provide the canvas, We'll provide the paint and the brushes

Xtreme LED and FiberOptics       
The concept behind Xtreme LED and FiberOptics is simple.  Provide the expertise and skills needed to install and program today's high-tech LED lighting and FiberOptic lighting systems. Consulting, supervision, installation, programming, and equipment modification.  This is what we do!

     We work very closely with Architects, Interior Designers, and Lighting Designers to bring an LED lighting or FiberOptic lighting concept to life.  Whether you are trying to create a realistic fiberoptic starry sky in a home theater, illuminating a seawall with or Fiberoptics on beautiful Biscayne Bay, or custom LED bottle racks with back lighting to accentuate your personal entertainment area.  Xtreme LED and FiberOptics will make your vision a reality.

Recently finished Fort Lauderdale Beach Wave Wall.We have upgraded the Illuminators to a state of the art RGB programmable unit. We designed the weather proof enclosures to ensure a long service life 

                                                                                                           How do you protect your expensive equipment in a very harsh environment? Call Xtreme LED and FiberOptics

                                                                                                           Every port on the Wave Wall Project has a mirror finish. Xtreme LED and FiberOptics has perfected this technique 

                                                                                                           Xtreme LED and FiberOptics Under Cabinet lighting