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Thinking about upgrading your vehicle's halogen headlights or fog lights? If so, you may be wondering, "Which is better, HID or LED?"
To some people better means brighter -- others want a crisper beam pattern, or a change to the color, (or "temperature") of the light the bulbs produce.
At XtremeLED, we are biased -- we only sell LED bulbs -- so, with that said, let's try to answer the question.

HID v. LED Headlight Feature Comparison

We've prepared the following table of important factors to consider when replacing or upgrading your vehicle's headlights or fog lights. Comparison is based on currently available HID bulbs compared to Xtreme Pro LED Headlight and Xtreme Pro LED Fog light Bulbs.

Features HID Headlight Bulbs LED Headlight & Fog Light Bulbs
Brighter Then OEM Halogen Bulb
Reflector Headlight
Reduced Upward Glare In Projector Headlight
No Glass Susceptible To Road Vibrations
100% Solid State Bulb
Lasts 10,000+ Hours
Lower Power Draw

All LED Bulbs are Not Created Equal

All LED headlight kits are not manufactured to the same standards, they're not "all the same".

Many LED headlight kits do not produce as much light as the stock halogen bulbs they're replacing. Unfortunately, these kits were sold with incredible claims that they'd never burn out, "last a lifetime", that LED's were super bright, etc.. Mostly, untrue.

Below are some factor to consider when comparing XtremeLED Pro Bulbs with Generic LED bulbs sold by others-

Features Generic LED Bulbs XtremeLED Pro Bulbs
Brighter Then OEM Halogen Bulb
Honest Hot Lumens Ratings
Higher CRI LED Diodes
Philips LumiLED Diodes
Produce Optically Correct Beam Patterns
Compact Base & Heat Sink
Clockable Design For Optimal Diode Placement
Passive Heat Sink / No Moving Parts

If you're ready to upgrade to XtremeLED Pro headlights, fog lights, or replace other bulbs on your vehicle with LED, use our LED BY VEHICLE search tool for a guide to replacement LED bulbs for your car, truck or van.